Our Kind of Artist

Listening to music ought to be a meaningful activity. Cyrano Records exists to promote meaningful music.

We seek artists who have a certain sophistication and panache.

We want unique artists: individuals with charisma and musical skill to spare. We seek singers, songwriters, bands, lyricists, “classical” composers, and instrumentalists of all kinds.

Our kind of artist loves melody and counterpoint.

Our kind of artist knows that music should be like fuel for the spirit.

Our kind of artist understands that the right lyric makes all the difference.

Our kind of artist is obsessed with the work that’s to be done.

We don’t think in terms of style or genre. We believe style is as unique as each artist.

We like music performed by actual human beings on actual musical instruments. We do not like computer programming as music.

We like earnest artists. We do not like sarcasm.

We are all for love songs.

We are all for music that evokes strong emotions.

We believe there are great or potentially great artists out there who hesitate to enter the field because they see and hear so much mediocrity and nonsense in the music industry today. We understand. But if the best artists fail to come forward the mediocrity and nonsense will continue unchallenged.