News Aug 2014

Cyrano Records has made excellent progress in the last few months. We have built a list of 23 acts that we especially like. Our staff is reviewing these artists and if we are enthralled about any of them at our next staff meeting then we will make offers. We have also built a consulting relationship with a semi-retired record label executive in LA who has been very helpful. He has a wealth of experience and is a clear, intelligent communicator. We are excited to have him in our corner. We have also been preparing our marketing strategies. We want our artists to succeed and we will devise and execute the best marketing campaigns we can on their behalf. In some cases, we might “only” produce an album or pitch a song to TV or film. Of course, we are eager for such projects to succeed even in those cases where we are less involved.

We continue to work on developing projects. New songs come in every week. The songs are getting better every week. We are convinced that sooner or later one of these artists is going to write a string of amazing songs.

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